Isaac Israƫls comes to stay


Welcome at the sales exhibition ‘Isaac Israëls comes to stay’ 

March 3th - April 30th 2018

Many of the pieces on exhibition are from private estates and have never before been exhibited in a museum. This temporary exhibition is the first in a series of Post Impressionists, inspired by city life in Amsterdam. The second exhibition in September will feature Jan Sluijters, the third exhibition will be in November featuring George Hendrik Breitner.

Isaac Israëls (1865 – 1934), was the son of the famous Hague School painter Jozef Israëls. He was born in Amsterdam and loved living and working there. In his choices of subject we see the typical attention for coincidental, fleeting moments and atmospheres of characters. He mostly applied himself to capturing impressions of every day and upper class elite city life. 

Private Dining

We have the exclusive opportunity to dine amidst Israëls masterpieces.

Experience the pieces on exhibition just a little bit here before you visit us >>