Amsterdam: another view

On 15 June the Museum of the Canals, Museum Het Grachtenhuis, will be opening the exhibition ‘Amsterdam: a different perspective’, in which the acclaimed French architect Marcel Bajard will lead the public around the city through his drawings, prints and maps. He will be showing the museum’s visitors how the uniqueness and beauty of Amsterdam are not the product of happy coincidence, but of developments and artistic movements that have given shape to the canals, streets and public spaces of this city over the years. The exhibition is open until Saturday, 29 July 2018.

The works in the exhibition illustrate the extent to which Amsterdam has been shaped by water and how tremendously attached its residents are to the close relationship between their homes and the city’s waterways. Even today, water is used to give the city shape by urban planners and architects unlike.

Enthralled by Amsterdam
Marcel Bajard (1941) is a renowned architect and urban planner of French origin who lives in Grenoble. He is the co-founder and former director of the Urban Studies department of the famous multidisciplinary agency AREP, which realises urban development projects everywhere in the world – from Cairo to Peking and from Bahrain to first Versailles. AREP is specialised in the construction of top-class infrastructure, railway stations and airports. Together with François Lammare, Bajard is the co-author of a publication on AREP’s accomplishments with the title From the station to the city. During his walks through Amsterdam, he made drawings of and analysed the space for his book about the city: Amsterdam – Une autre façon de voir la ville à travers son urbanisme (Amsterdam – a different way to look at the city through its urban planning).



New perspectives on the Canal Ring
The Museum of the Canals (Museum Het Grachtenhuis) tells the story behind the canals in way that is fun, accessible and easy to understand. The museum’s permanent multimedia exhibition allows tens of thousands of visitors to become acquainted each year with one of the most spectacular feats of urban expansion in the world: Amsterdam’s seventeenth-century canal ring. This Canal Ring is a cluster of unique values, qualities, background information and studies – and therefore also permanently in development. The museum of the Canals considers it its duty to continuously present different and new perspectives on this.

 L’Echappée Belle 
The exhibition was made possible thanks to the l’Echappée Belle Foundation, a foundation for the promotion of French culture in the Netherlands,, and the book shop Le Temps Retrouvé,