Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly can we see in the museum?

We offer an audiovisual experience that shows you the history of the canals of Amsterdam. You can find more info on our permanent exhibition here. From time to time we also host temporary exhibitions. You can check our news page to see what’s up.

What are the admission fees and opening hours?

All practical information can be found here. Admission prices can be found on this page.

In what languages are your audio guides available?

We offer audio guides in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese.

Is the ‘museumkaart’ valid at your museum?

Yes, we accept the museumkaart. You can also buy it here, the costs are 64,90 for adults and 32,45 for children.

What other discount cards do you accept?

We also accept the I Amsterdam City Card, the Stromma Amsterdam card and the Holland Pass.

Can I buy tickets online?

Yes, you can find our ticket page here.

I am coming with my family; will we get a discount?

We offer family discounts for parents or caretakers with children that are 12 years or younger. If the children are older than 12, they can apply for our student discount. See more information on admission fees here.

We would like a guided tour through the museum, is this possible?

Yes, we offer a guided introduction to the museum. This 15-minute tour is hosted by one of our staff members, and they can tell you some extra information about the museum and its history. The guided introduction is available in Dutch, English and French and costs €50,- per group.

Is the museum accessible for people that use wheelchairs?

Yes, the museum has multiple elevators. If you come with more than one wheelchair user, we advise you to give us a call in advance (0031 (0)20 42 11 656). That way, we can make sure one of our staff members can welcome you in the museum and help you around.

Do you have any wheelchairs available in the museum?

Unfortunately, we do not. We do have quite a lot of chairs in our exposition rooms, so you won’t have to stand for too long if this is uncomfortable for you.

Do you have any restauration in the museum?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Is it possible to visit the garden?

Unfortunately, our garden is closed for visitors. It is open one weekend per year, during the Open Garden Days in the third weekend of June.

I would like to come with a group, is this possible?

Yes, you can make a reservation by mailing to

Please state the following in your mail:

- When will you visit us? (date and time)

- With how many adults and/or children?

- Would you like to pay at the ticket office in the museum, or by invoice?

- What language does the group speak?

- Is there anything else we should know?

I would like to organize an excursion for my students, it this possible?

Yes, the museum is very suitable for children of all ages. You can find more information about school visits and prices on our education page

I am a teacher, does this give me free admission?

Unfortunately, teachers only get a discount when they come with a school group.

Is it possible to organize events in your museum?

Yes, it is possible to organize events in the museum outside our opening hours. Our event capacity is limited, so if you’re interested you can send an email to

I would like to use the museum as a location for video- or photoshoots, is this possible?

Our bel-etage rooms are stunning for pictures of video, but we have to make sure that our other visitors are also fully able to enjoy everything our museum has to offer. If you want to use to museum as a location for video- or photoshoots, please contact us in advance at

I am a journalist/member of press, does this give me free admission?

If you would like to make any journalistic items about our museum, please contact

Are pets allowed in the museum?

No, we don’t allow dogs, cats or other pets in the museum. Of course, guide dogs or therapy dogs are seen as an exception.